Hi my name is Veken Bakrad, I will be your host for Invest Money School Podcast. You or your family, relative, cousin has a personal story that has lost money in investing and probably thinks investing is gambling or you have to be a genius to invest like one.

After 3 years of trying to becoming successful… Here are my top four highlights of my life:

  • Dropped out of college in 2014, thinking I will become next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, in no time! I’m still debating on if I should go back to school.
  • Left a 5 figure job because I thought stock trading would lead me to become next Warren Buffet. Blew away my 401k money and car accident insurance payout on trading systems that were supposed to be magical indicators to becoming a millionaire.
  • Wasted $22,500 on quick rich scheme products. I got sold on hope & shiny object syndrome…I drained my investment accounts with BS indicators that promised me the world!
  • Gained 55 pounds in 2 years, due to stress and depression. Sitting on my ass for 14 hours a day searching on google, “Best trading strategies, passive real estate ideas, auto trading systems, and much more.”

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A year ago, I stopped being afraid of losing money and decided to believe that it’s part of the process to become successful. My mentors have told me, “Veken, you’re guaranteed to lose money in the beginning. Think about it as college tuition. Just because it is easy to give glowing results with past data and curve fit results with indicators, people dream of riches but the reality is a disaster.”

So what’s the secret? After blowing away 22k on quick rich scheme products, I have learned one unforgettable lesson. In this day and age, you not only need to be careful about the type of investing education you spend your money on but even more importantly what you ‘Read, Watch and Install’ into your belief system… because whatever it is, it has the potential to shape not only your investments…but also your life.

A new auto-trade robot is born every day, a new mechanical system or software which gives you buy and sell signals is released into the public, forcing you to throw away the strong decision-making ability a human mind has. Yet, the professionals continue to make money with the use of logic, skill, and reasoning behind price action while most others are stuck with useless systems and indicators still trying to figure out the puzzle, like me.

Here’s the point, I feel like I’m stuck and constantly thinking of giving up.. after all I’m losing money day in day out like a pipe drain attached to my bank account. No one in my circle of family, friends, cousins has any interest in financial markets, real estate, or pursuing financial freedom. Many new investors like me, usually keep struggling until they get it right, or give up. I want to do something different, use this platform and podcast to track my journey to success. Will you join me?

The truth is if you were successful, you would not be here.

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P.S – Remember, it doesn’t matter if you have struggled with investing money in the past… or even if you’re totally new to all of this. All that matters is that you are willing to give yourself the chance to succeed. On the podcast, the experts reveal step by step action plan that you and I can implement immediately, all you have to do is simply turn up and get started.

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