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Honestly, nothing! Let me explain…

In 28 days you will have best tips and techniques to get you started. Sorry this is not a get rich quick scheme. You wont be millionaire in a month but you will be on the right path.

This Is Not For You, If :

  • You are over 35 years old
  • You have over $30,000 in your bank account 

My attentions and purpose in life is to serve and help people who are just getting started in investing.

What Is InvestMoneySchool?

Invest Money School is a growing community of hard workers who want to learn how to invest money and how to to make their hard-earned money work for itself. We’re united by the common goal of FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE.

Won’t you join us?

Why Does The Middle Class Hate Investing?

I went out to a hookah lounge, asked people why they hated investing and why they don’t invest. There responses were shocking! Similar to when I hated investing and thought it was scammy.

Their responses:

  • Game of luck, you have a 50/50 chance to make money
  • Investing is unpredictable requires a lot of effort and research
  • Must be really smart and slick in order to invest
  • You can lose a lot of money, so why would you want to throw away your hard earned money?
  • Investing takes over your life and can gives you headaches.
  • Isn’t investing same thing as gambling (like Las Vegas) ?How to become an investor quote

It seems that everyone has a personal story of a friend or a family member that has lost money in investing. Losing money hurts, but living paycheck to paycheck sucks even more. By diversifying your investments it can drastically improve your odds of achieving financial confidence one day.

I wanted to become an investor to take back control of my money, financial health and well-being.

So What Is Investing & Why Is Investing Important?

Investing means putting your own hard-earned money to work for you.

Growing up I was taught by my parents in order to create income you must get a job. Which is something we all do. However, if you want to create more money you have to work more hours which keeps you away from moving forward in life. You want to learn how to become an investor and make your own money work for you but you’re not sure how to start and where to invest. So how can you find practical techniques to get your investments to the next level?

By Listening to Investing for Beginners Podcast you can get exclusive access to investors mindset, tips, tricks and tactics they use to to become successful investors.

Don’t miss out on the proven and tested super actionable techniques given by the experts.

Millennial Stats. My Fabulous Audience Who Want To Become An Investor, I write & voice to:  

18 – 24 years old:

  • 72% have less than $1,000 saved
  • 31% $0 saved 
  • 8% saved over $10,000

25-34 years old:

  • 67% have less than $1,000 saved
  • 33% $0 saved
  • 15% saved over $10,000

Other stats:

  • 23% of them have a bachelor’s degree
  • 74% of them are employed
  • On average, they earn between $25,000 and $48,000
  • They average $23,332 of debt
  • 69% say “working hard” is how they’ll achieve success, and 45% say “saving money”

So even though they’re somewhat into saving money, they’ll spend on something they think is worthwhile. Like a smartphone or an app (then use that to help them save money)

What Can I Expect To Learn Here?

Investing for Beginners Blog and Investing for Beginners Podcast showcase legit part-time investing ideas.

That means:

  • Real people are seeing real results.
  • You can start with whatever capital you have.
  • You don’t need to be a genius to invest like one!
  • Get over investing myths and start doing what really works.

The show will have top investing performers talking about different types of investments and how to become an investor. I attempt to reverse engineer the successful strategies of becoming an investor so you can easily implment these easy techniques to make your money work for you! There are many ways to invest from stocks, options, futures, commodities, real estate, buy/flip, start up companies and much more.

Each episode details the journey of a successful investor who shares their worst investing moment and lessons learned, and their Ah-ha moment and how they turned their investments to success, and much more. At end of each episode, I will deep dive and get the best tips tricks and tactics for you so you can easily use them.

Every Monday & Friday new episode will be released. If you’re are looking for ACTIONABLE advice on how to start investing money and how to become an investor during your daily commute, workout, or just “me” time, I will bring you the expert to provide you top notch advice to help you build investment portfolios that will give you better return on investment (ROI).

It takes real work, but it does work. People in this community just like you are making it happen.

I always get asked how to become an investor with little money or no money. InvestMoneySchool will show you how to get started. You will also learn how becoming an investor for a living can change your life. 

Young? Old? Doesn’t matter.


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-Veken Bakrad, Virtual CEO