Investing For Beginners Journey & How To Invest Money

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What Is The Iceberg Illusion?

  • Guru


  • Bait


  • Jubilation


  • Rock Bottom


  • Education


  • Studying


  • Psychology & Money management


  • Financial Confidence


Here are people beliefs of investing:

  • It could be game of luck and its a 50/50 chance.


  • Unpredictable


  • Requires a lot of effort and research.


  • Must be really smart and slick


  • You might run into gambling issues and get addicted.

22 Investing Tips:

1 Pay Down Debt
2 Start with the End in Mind
3 One Recommendation for a Fund, One Recommendation for a Stock
4 Focus on a Strategy
5 Focus on Yourself
6 Index but Educate Yourself
7 Innoculate Yourself Against Emotion Early
8 Consider Waiting
9. Be Conservative Early On
10 Invest In The Index
11 Invest in a Risk Profile
12 Keep Costs Low
13 Employ a Long Term, Low Cost, Diversified Position
14 Pick and Choose Stocks…
15 …Or Go with a Robo-Advisor
16 Learn to be Your Own Adviser
17 Dividend Investing the Smart Way
18 Invest in a Safety Net
19 Invest In Yourself
20 Harness the Power of Robots!
21 Like Many Things… It depends!
22 Finally, keep your emotions in check!


what is investing?  

Making your money work for you

what different type of investments are there?  

Well there is stocks, options, future, equities, um commodities, um real estate, flipping properties, tax liens, buying land, selling land, there is so many different stuff, start ups, businesses, anything is possible, but start small and slowly grow.


Here are 3 books to get you started:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki 

Think and grow rich 

Tony Robins Master of the game


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