17 Landlord And Tenant Hacks Exposed With Elizabeth Colegrove


In This Episode We Cover:

  • how to get your feet wet in real estate.
  • Treat real estate as your business.
  • She felt when she was nice people walked over her. So she had to be strict in order to get the job done.
  • The importance of doing background check on different programs before you accept them.
  • Learn how to build a rental property leasing strategy.
  • Create a lease to cover anything and everything.
  • Update your lease regularly with new ideas & strategy.
  • Experience & # of properties shows how successful an investor is
  • How to adjust to new market conditions and still make a profit
  • Identify your unique criteria & evaluate your strategy for different markets
  • Get started with very low capital
  • 5% was her initial down payment to get started in real estate
  • Explains step-by-step process of acquiring first tenant
  • If you are buying out of state you must be willing to see the property in person
  • You strategy and lease paper means nothing if your tenants dont pay rent.
  • Amazing motivation at ( 18:55) about real estate
  • Learn what works for you and what is the best strategy for you
  • Mentors are experts in different fields and they guide you through hard times.
  • If you are not ready to invest and want to learn more you can get a job that is in the same field so you can grow your knowledge and skills.
  • Dont give up. Real estate is similar to roller coaster (up … down..), if you stick around to the end…. you will be rewarded.

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