Is The American Dream Dead Or Still Possible? This Is Why Middle Class Will Never Be Rich.

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[clickToTweet tweet=”Middle Class invests into liabilities. The rich invest into assets. @AskVeken” quote=”Middle Class invests into liabilities. The rich invest into assets. @AskVeken” theme=”style2″]

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why I’m starting brand new podcast
  • How this podcast will help you
  • Who this podcast is for
  • How can someone get started
  • This is podcast is for those who are just starting in investing
  • Best excuses for not investing
  • How I got started in Investing
  • 5 costly lessons I learned while Investing
  • You can start with small capital

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People don’t invest because they believe:|


  • It could be game of luck and its a 50/50 chance.


  • Unpredictable


  • Requires a lot of effort and research.


  • Must be really smart and slick


  • You might run into gambling issues and get addicted.


The rich invest into assets. Middle class invests into liabilities like a house thinking its an asset.

The rich also live off of their assets. Their assets pay them and then use those funds to buy more assets. Rinse & Repeat.

Remember you don’t have to be a genius to invest like one. Read this sentence again and again until it “clicks” in your brain.

Based on the interviews I have conducted on streets, hookah lounges and bars, I have found that many people don’t have a lot of capital to start. I get it, I have been there. You don’t need $5,000 , $10,000 , $20,000 to start. You can start with whatever you have. Do you have an extra $500? I will show you different ways you can get started with that $500. I’m not promising you that tomorrow morning with $500 I will make you rich. no no no… but I’m promising you that it will get you started. Learn how I saved  $1,000 in 28 days.

This Is Why Middle Class Will Never Be Rich.

You only work hard, not smart.

You put too much emphasis on saving — and not enough on earning.

You buy things you can’t afford.

You’re content with a steady paycheck.

You haven’t started investing.

You’re pursuing someone else’s dreams — not your own.

You rarely step outside of your comfort zone.

You don’t have goals for your money.

You spend first and save what’s left over.

You believe getting rich is out of your reach.

You have middle-class beliefs about money

You think rich people are crooks

You’re afraid of success

You believe money is the root of evil

You believe it’s noble to be poor

You’re afraid of losing your middle-class friends

You don’t think you’re smart enough to be rich

You believe you’ll have to sacrifice your family life

You’re penny-wise and pound-foolish

You trade time for money

You believe in labor over leverage

You have a lottery mentality

You’re terrified of failure

You deny the importance of money

You associate with broke people

You’re too comfortable

You value entertainment over education


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