SP500: Investing In Futures & Commodities With Michael Blythe


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[clickToTweet tweet=”Revenge trading is not as fun as revenge sex. I believe you! ” quote=”Revenge trading is not as fun as revenge sex. I believe you! ” theme=”style4″]

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Revenge Trading
  • Trading Loss
  • Why you must have a mentor
  • Why new traders fail
  • How to start trading in futures & Commodities
  • Becoming an expert in one area
  • How trading psychology can change the game for you
  • Money management keeps you in the game
  • Trading demo accounts
  • How to start trading with small capital
  • Research on sp500
  • Best times to trade s&p500 companies
  • How Michael trades s and p 500 futures

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  1. If you think training is expensive, wait until you see the tab for ignorance.
  2. Find a broker who is willing to invest both time and money towards your success.
  3. Write a business plan just as you would for any other business.
  4. Develop a written trading plan with the help of your mentor.
  5. Learn to identify and execute three high probability trade setups.
  6. Do not trade real money until you have proven your setups in the simulator.
  7. When you begin to trade real money, start with only one contract.
  8. Never trade without a hard stop loss in place.
  9. Never increase your risk once you have entered a trade.
  10. Journal every trade and stay in constant contact with your broker and your mentor.



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